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Career Photos

1981 SMPTE Component Digital Video 1 Rei

1982 - Early HDTV Research at RCA Sarnoff Labs

1989 TV Interactive menus.jpg
1989 TV Interactive Graphics.jpg
1989 TV Interactive Remotes.jpg

1991 - Developing the Advanced Digital HDTV (AD-HDTV) system (with Carlo Basile). Note the QAM constellation on the 'scope.

ad-hdtv field lab team.jpg

Sept. 30, 1992 - World's first digital HDTV and analog NTSC simulcast (at WRC-TV)

1993 Reitmeier  Digital HDTV prototype.j

May 1993 - the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance

GA team in Field Lab (300).jpg

April1995 - the Grand Alliance HDTV system debuts at NAB95 - demonstrations for FCC Chmn. Hundt


Dec 24, 1996 - FCC adopts ATSC standard

1998-04 NIST Digital Studio Project at N

1999 - Early work on Digital Cinema - HDTV (2k resolution) on the BIG screen

2000-01 Technical Emmy Sarnoff MPEG comp

2003 - Launching Universal-HD, the first HD cable channel

2004-11 WXplus_Screen.jpg

2004 - FCC Media Security and Reliability Council, with FCC Chmn. Powell and NBC Network Operations Pres. Eck

2008-05 ATSC Chairman 25th Anniversary E

2008 - Visiting the Korean Communications Commission (KCC) with the ATSC Board

2009-10-16 ATSC-Mobile 2.jpg

2012 - Technical Emmy for Active Format Description (AFD)

2012-08 UltraHD  Olympics demo in DC Kub

2015 - Technical Emmy for ATSC Loudness Control, with Jim Starzynski

2015-10-22 IMG_20151022_150205a.jpg

2016 - First live ATSC 3.0 broadcasts at NAB (note the blue banana tribute to analog TV lore)

2017-04 ATSC Ribbon-cutting at NAB 2017.

2018 - With Pete Sockett of WRAL-TV - first ATSC 3.0 UHD/HDR transmissions from PyeongChang Olympics

1981 - SMPTE Component Digital Video Demonstrations

1982 Early RCA HDTV _small.jpg

1989 - Pioneering work on interactive menus and graphics for TV

1991 Advanced Digital HDTV system develo

June 1992 - The Advanced Digital HDTV system prototype ships for testing


1993 - AD-HDTV system and VCR demonstrations at NBC 30 Rock (I would join NBC 9 years later!)

93-05-24 GA logos (small - cropped).jpg
GA under constr (600).jpg

March1993 - the Grand Alliance prototype completes final integration at Sarnoff Labs


standing: Wayne Luplow, Glenn Reitmeier, Bob Rast, Terry Smith

seated: Ralph Cerbone, Jae Lim, Aldo Cugnini

1995-04 03 Glenn Flexible Use Demo -smal
Hundt demo tour1.jpg

1996 - The Model HDTV Station project at WRC-TV

1997 HD  001a.jpg

1998 - NIST High Definition Broadcast Technology project - world's first digital HDTV transmission over fiber and high-speed networks

1999-08 Glenn-topgun.jpg

2000 - Technical Emmy for Sarnoff's ATSC Compliance Bitstreams

(with Hans Baumgartner, Terry Smith and Mike Isnardi)

2003-07 Universal-HD launch_a.jpg

2004 - NBC Weather Plus - the first national multicast channel

2004-03 FCC Media Security and Reliabili

2008 - As Chairman of the Board at ATSC's 25th anniversary celebration

2008-11 ATSC Board at KCC.jpg

2009 - ATSC Mobile DTV device prototypes and broadcast demonstrations (with John Godfrey, Mark Richer and John Taylor)

2012-01 Technical Emmy for AFD.jpg

2012 - Ultra-HD 8k demo in Washington in collaboration with NHK, BBC and NTT

(with Maki Hatae, Kenichi Murayama, Keiichi Kubota, Myra Einstein, Greg DePriest and Shea Ng)

2015-01 ATSC Loudness Emmy - Glenn and J

2015 - First ATSC 3.0 plugfest, hosted by NERC in Shanghai


2017 - With the ATSC Board at ribbon-cutting for ATSC 3.0 broadcasts at NAB 2017

2018-02-12 WRAL 20180212_123254.jpg


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