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2019-10-25 Glenn Firebird hair-on-fire.j

If you have reached this page, then you know that music and playing guitar has been a wonderful part of my personal life. I appreciate the terrific and talented friends that I have enjoyed making music with, including Xchanged (the Woodside Church Praise Band), The Multicasters (ATSC), SMPTE Irresistable and my "Brothers In Song" from the Villanova Singers.  Here are some songs from over the years that I hope you will enjoy!  It has been awesome to combine my love of music with my deep technical expertise in digital signal processing in order to restore and enhance the old recordings on this page, many of which were made with simple consumer audio cassette recorders.

The Official Jam Band of the

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

SMPTE Irresistible

SMPTE Irrestible "Feeling Alright" (2020-06)

The Official Jam Band of the

Advanced Television Systems Committee

The Multicasters

Coming Soon


Rock30 Rocks 30Rock

Woodside Church Praise Band


Woodside Xchanged "Build Your Kingdom Here" (2020-04-18)

Old Villanova Spire Favorites, Recorded With Old Friends and Even Better The Second Time Around


Coming Soon

1980s Garage Band

Disturbing The Peace

Coming Soon

Small Group of the Villanova Singers

Villanova Spires

Coming Soon

"Brothers in Song" 1977 Recordings

Villanova Singers

Coming Soon

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