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Application Pending: Normalized HDR Waveform Scale Presentation


Application Pending: Use of SHVC Base Layer for Fast Channel Change


Pending US20140157347A1   2014-06-05  (filed 2012-12-03) 

Flexible broadcast system and method  


Pending US20120110627A1   2012-05-03  (filed 2010-12-10)

Time-adapted content delivery system and method  


US9420230          2016-08-16

Distributed Composition of Broadcast Television Programs


US9392327      2016-07-12   (Ng, Reitmeier, Mehta)

Broadcast/digital network switchover system and method 


US 20100034522 A1   Feb 11, 2010  (filed Aug 8, 2008)  ABANDONED in US

System and Method for Providing Digital Content  (Ng, Reitmeier)


US7836179          2010-11-16

Content Validation for Digital Network


US7457415          2008-11-25     (reissued as 7801306 on 2010-09-21)  

Secure information distribution system utilizing information segment scrambling


US6985163          2006-01-10

Color Display Device


US6829301          2004-12-07 (reissued as US RE42589 on 2011-08-02)

Enhanced MPEG information distribution apparatus and method


US6785338          2004-08-31

Constraining Video Production Based on Compression-related Information


US6560285          05-06-2003       reissued as 7403565

Region-based information compaction as for digital images (continuation)




US6549577          2003-04-15

Computational resource allocation in an information stream decoder


US6549240          2003-04-15

Format and frame rate conversion for display of 24Hz source video


US 6535687         2003-03-18

Method and system for deterring electronic video piracy through image rearrangement


US6477201          2002-11-05

Content-adaptive compression encoding      


US6456329          2002-09-24

De-interlacing of video signals


US06122400        2000-09-19

Compression encoder bit allocation utilizing colormetric-adaptive weighting as in flesh-tone weighting


 US06118820       2000-09-12   (reissued as 7403565 on 2008-07-22)

 Region-based information compaction as for digital images


US06118498        2000-09-12

Channel scanning and channel change latency reduction in an ATSC television receiver


US06118486        2000-09-12

Synchronized Multiple Format Video processing method and apparatus


US06115080        2000-09-05

Channel selection methodology in an ATSC/NTSC television receiver




US06084912        2000-07-04

Very low bit rate video coding/decoding method and apparatus


US06057889        2000-05-02

Format-responsive video processing system


US05987180        1999-11-16

Multiple component compression encoder motion search method and apparatus


US05530484        1996-06-25

Image scanning format converter suitable for a high definition television system


US05253041        1993-10-12

Digital television signal compression apparatus


US05122875        1992-06-16

An HDTV compression system


US04843485        1989-06-27

Multiple format digital video tape record and replay system


US04746919        1988-05-24

Remote control system with key function display provisions


US04661850        1987-04-28

Progressive scan television system with interlaced inter-field sum and difference components


US04631584        1986-12-23

Transmission of reduced resolution picture edge information using horizontal blanking period




US04626895        1986-12-02

Sampled data video signal chrominance/luminance separation system


US04622577        1986-11-11

Decoder for extracting a 4:3 aspect ratio signal from a high definition television signal


US04621287        1986-11-04

Time-multiplexing of an interleaved spectrum of a television signal


US04621286        1986-11-04

Spatial-temporal frequency interleaved processing of a television signal with reduced amplitude interleaved sections


US04605963        1986-08-12

Reduction of control bits for adaptive sub-nyquist encoder


US04597007        1986-06-24

Circuitry for correcting frame combed luminance signal for motion induced distortion


US04518996        1985-05-21

Synchronization system that uses all valid signals


US04517600        1985-05-14

Error concealment system using dropout severity information for selection of concealment method


US04506175        1985-03-19

Digital phase comparator circuit producing sign and magnitude outputs


US04502074        1985-02-26

Digital television signal processing system




US04500930        1985-02-19

Television signal standards conversion using a helical scan VTR


US04470065        1984-09-04

Adaptive error concealment using horizontal information determination from adjacent lines


US04464686        1984-08-07

Adaptive television signal estimator


US04460958        1984-07-17

Window-scanned memory


US04442545        1984-04-10

Compaction of television display graphics in phantom-raster-scanned image memory


US04432009        1984-02014

Video pre-filtering in phantom raster generating apparatus


US04415928        1983-11-15

Calculation of radial coordinates of polar-coordinate raster scan


US04396937        1983-08-02

Use of a single set of steering bits in a plural channel system


US04393414        1983-07-12

Horizontal-rate phase-change of TV pixel distribution among multiple recorder tracks for dropout concealment


US04388638        1983-06-14

De-emphasis for digitized composite color television signals




US04380069        1983-04-12

Digital error detection using bracketing


US04377820        1983-03-22

Adaptive error concealment


US04376955        1983-03-15

Two dimensional adaptive dropout compensator and chroma inverter


US04376948        1983-03-15

TDM Scheme for digital video processing


US04376289        1983-03-08

Self-enabling dropout corrector


US04355324        1982-10-19

Sampled or digitized color in a high speed search record and replay system


US04352122        1982-09-28

Adaptive composite-component transcoding hierarchy for digital video


US04334237        1982-06-08

Adaptive amplitude averaging for weighting quantizing noise  


US04323916        1982-04-06

Data rate reduction for digital video signals by subsampling and adaptive reconstruction


US04282546        1981-08-04

Television image size altering apparatus 

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