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My Formal CV

Senior Technology Executive and Industry Leader with Extensive Experience in Business Strategy, Content Licensing, Distribution and Affiliation Contracts and Regulatory Affairs in Television and Digital Media

Career Overview

Known worldwide in the television technology community as an industry thought leader and a leading visionary, creator and architect of digital television (ATSC 1.0 and 3.0). Created and lead teams that made fundamental contributions to industry-changing standards and provided the technical basis for revolutionary products and services.  Impact includes establishing HDTV and component digital video standards, the formation of six startup companies, many patented inventions in worldwide use, contributions to many technical Emmy award winning developments and many “world’s first” achievements.  Over 50 patents in digital video and digital media technology.


• Deep technical expertise in digital video, video compression and digital communications

• Global perspective on television, broadcasting, digital media and consumer electronics technology and business

• Expertise in technology-related legal aspects of patents, copyright, IP rights and commercial contracts

• Recognized contributor to regulatory and public policy issues and industry initiatives

• Leadership and Collaboration skills; Reputation and relationships

Industry Leadership

Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Board of Directors 2004-2011; 2013-2018;

ATSC Chairman 2006-2009 and 2013-2015

Open Authentication Technology Committee (OATC) Board of Directors and founding President 2011-2013

North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) Board of Directors 2005-present

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Technical Emmy committee member – 2004-present

Professional Recognition

National Association of Broadcasters Television Engineering Award (lifetime achievement), 2012

Broadcasting and Cable Technology Leadership Award, 2010

Fellow, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Academy of Digital Television Pioneers, inaugural member

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers – Leitch Gold Medal, 2001

New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame, 2000

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers – Progress Medal, 2000

Central Jersey Engineering Council - Research Engineer of the Year Award, 1995

Villanova University - John J. Gallen Memorial Award, 1986

RCA Laboratories Outstanding Achievement Awards in 1979, 1981, 1983;  Sarnoff Team Awards in 1992, 1995, 1998

Society for Information Display Outstanding Paper Award, 1981

Career Highlights

• Technology Thought Leader and Industry Representative at NBC Universal

• As Chairman of the ATSC, initiated the ATSC 3.0 effort

• Drove the creation of the ATSC-Mobile broadcast standard and the commercial formation of the Dyle joint venture

• Founding President of the Open Authentication Technology Committee (OATC) to enable a strong TV Everywhere ecosystem

• Developed technical specifications for the first large scale authenticated content access – Vancouver 2009

• Founding member of UltraViolet

• First large scale use of real-time fingerprinting for copyright-enforcing upload filtering by websites- Beijing 2005

• First national multicast channel - NBC Weather+ (infrastructure design and technical project lead)

• NBC’s first HD cable channel - Universal-HD (infrastructure design and technical project lead)

•  A “founding father” in the creation and development of digital HDTV

•  Leading contributor to establishing the ATSC Digital Television (DTV) standard approved by the FCC in late 1996.  Key participant in technical and business negotiations to form the HDTV Grand Alliance (1993).  Key member of the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance in the Technical Oversight Group, the Communications Strategy Group, and leader of Grand Alliance computer interoperability efforts:  (The story of HDTV development is chronicled in the books “Defining Vision” by Joel Brinkley and “High Definition Television: The Creation, Development and Implementation of HDTV Technology” by Philip Cianci).

•  Began "skunk works" digital television projects in 1988.  Lead Sarnoff-Thomson-Philips-NBC team to develop Advanced Digital HDTV, which pioneered packetized data transport, MPEG compression and flexible use of multiple formats. Leadership of technical and strategic aspects (industry demonstrations, standards committee meetings and documents, ex-officio member of ACATS Special Panel in 1993).  AD-HDTV’s key technical approaches became the basis for DirecTV, ATSC and all subsequent digital television delivery systems.

•  Played a crucial role in defining and negotiating a DTV relationship between Sarnoff and Motorola and in developing the DTV IC strategy and architecture that resulted in the MCT 4000 decoder and MCT 2100 demodulator integrated circuits.

•  Assisted the establishment of WHD-TV, the Model HDTV Station project and established Sarnoff as its technical resource (1996).

•  Conceived and formed the HDTV Broadcast Technology project to revolutionize HDTV production and distribution with advanced video compression and ATM networking.  Won $60M, five year government (NIST/ATP) co-funding in 1995 for team of Sarnoff, Thomson, Philips, Comark, IBM, Sun, MCI and others.

•  Technical and business development of Sarnoff’s ATSC / MPEG-2 compliance bitstreams, which played a key role in receiver design verification.

•  Created startup companies based on intellectual property from Sarnoff R&D projects

• AgileVision – DTV-in-a-box solution for broadcast and cable, using compressed-domain processing (acquired by Leitch in 2002)

•  e-Vue – MPEG-4 based solutions for Web media applications (ceased operations in 2001)

•  Real Image – digital cinema distribution system (acquired by Technicolor in 2000)

•  NxtWave Communications – integrated circuits for DTV and broadband digital communications (acquired by ATI)

•  DIVA Systems – the leading provider of Video On Demand systems

•  Sarnoff Real Time Corp. – massively parallel video supercomputers for real time video (acquired by DIVA in 1995)


•  Fundamental contributions and patents in consumer electronics

•  Fundamental work in television receiver signal processing, developing adaptive de-interlacing and up-conversion approaches in the late 1980's

•  TV Graphical User Interface approaches of on-screen controls and remote control menu navigation that are now in ubiquitous worldwide use.

•  Pioneering technology leadership in digital video and real-time video processing in computer systems

•  Early work in wavelet image compression, which is now embodied in MPEG-4 and JPEG2000 standards

•  Key contributor to “Consumer Digital Systems” briefings to government (1992 – 1998), forecasting powerful, low-cost digital consumer systems and devices with potential dual use capability.  DoD’s Global Broadcast System now utilizes DBS satellite systems for data distribution.

•  Evangelized technology convergence of digital video and computing in the late 1980’s.  Created and lead Sarnoff-Sun-Texas Instruments team and won DARPA funding in 1990 for a High-Resolution Video Workstation – the world’s first real-time video-processing multimedia computer.

•  During the mid-1980s, conceived and led technology development projects for large scale consumer information services, including massively parallel computer and network architectures, DSP modems and natural language software.

•  Key contributor to SMPTE digital video experiments and standards committees from 1980 - 1982 that led to worldwide component digital video (ITU 601) and digital recording (D1) standards, which are the basis of SDI and HD-SDI now in extensive worldwide use.

•  During the late 1970s - early '80s, performed pioneering work in digital video.  Developed concepts and prototypes of digital technology for potential RCA Broadcast products, including cameras, VTRs and DVE. Developed world's first digital ICs for broadcast camera timing/sync.  Created the RCA Digital Video Facility, one of the world’s first computer systems for digitizing video and performing signal processing simulation.

Career Details

2010 – 2019  Senior Vice President, Technology Standards and Policy, NBC Universal, New York, NY

Guidance and coordination of technical standards, regulatory and commercial issues across NBC, Universal and Comcast teams


2002 – 2010  Vice President, Advanced Technology, NBC Universal, New York, NY

Led NBCU’s technology team focused on industry technical standards, technology related aspects of government policy and commercial agreements, advanced engineering and anti-piracy technical operations

2001 – 2002  VP Special Projects, Sarnoff Corporation, Princeton, NJ

Establishing major new client programs and relationships of strategic importance.


1999 - 2000   General Partner and Chief Technology Officer, nVention (a Sarnoff startup incubator)

Co-founded nVention as a new subsidiary of Sarnoff.  Made major contributions to establish the vision and direction for Sarnoff’s Internet venture strategy.  Won a $500k incubator grant from the State of New Jersey.


1997 - 1999     Vice President, Digital Television and Web Media, Sarnoff Corporation, Princeton, NJ

Led Sarnoff’’s DTV division – a  $15M, 75 person, client-supported research and development business spanning broadcast equipment, consumer electronics, internet streaming and multimedia.  Business (P&L), technology and IP responsibility.


1977 - 1997     Various management and research positions at Sarnoff Labs (under RCA, GE and SRI International ownership)

Education and Academic Experience

Adjunct faculty, Villanova University - graduate and undergraduate courses in Digital Signal Processing and Probability, 1980 - 1989 

M.S.E. Systems Engineering - University of Pennsylvania, Moore School of Electrical Engineering, 1979

B.E.E. Electrical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude - Villanova University, 1977

Dean's Award for Academic Excellence  Honor Societies: Sigma XI, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi

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