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2023 Bernard Lechner Award for Outstanding Technical Contributions

ATSC annual conference and 40th anniversary celebration


It was a wonderful honor to receive ATSC's Bernard Lechner award on the occasion of the 4oth anniversary of the Advanced Television Systems Committee.  This award is especially meaningful to me since Bernie Lechner was my leader and mentor for many years at RCA / Sarnoff Laboratories. Bernie taught me so many things about the importance of standards to the industry ecosystem and to business, as well as the values of collaboration and compromise. So many insights learned from my mentors were crucially important as we went through the competitive and collaborative phases of the Grand Alliance and setting the ATSC 1.0 digital HDTV standard.


Thank you ATSC President Madeleine Noland, Board Chair Richard Friedel, ATSC Board members and ATSC colleagues for this wonderful recognition.  I would also like to congratulate Saakhya Labs for their excellent technical advances and their recognition as the recipient of the 2023 Mark Richer Industry Leadership Medal.

The Streaming Video Alliance / Open Authentication Technology Commitee received a Technical Emmy Award for its contributions to the SCTE 224
Event Signaling and Notification Interface standard

Congratulations to co-awardees SCTE and CableLabs

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OATC leaders Michael Wise, Glenn Goldstein, Steve Riedl and Glenn Reitmeier

Recent Activities

Updated July 21, 2023

"The Media Workflow Puzzle: How It All Fits Together" 

Contributed the Distribution Chapter to the book in collaboration with

my friends and colleagues Clyde Smith and Chris Lennon

The Technology of Broadcast Television And Its Impact - Past, Present and Future

Sponsored By: The College of New Jersey, The Sarnoff Museum and IEEE Princeton Section

Understanding ATSC 3.0 - NextGen TV and the Future of Broadcasting

SMPTE Virtual Course

Technology.     Impact.        Disruption.

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Vision.             Strategy.        Leadership.

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* I am not a lawyer, but I have worked with legal experts to craft language for many contracts, regulatory filings and patents...

* I am not an MBA, but I have written many business plans and was instrumental in creating six startup companies...

Advisor.       Contributor.        Partner. 

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Thought Leadership

Strategic Plans

Business Plans



Culture of Innovation

Executive Coaching






Technical Quality

Content Protection

Systems & Architecture



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Intellectual Property

Content Rights

Affiliation Agreements

Distribution Agreements

Regulatory Filings

Policy Issues & Briefings

Track Record

2015-01 ATSC Loudness Emmy - Glenn and M

Over 50 Patents

New Jersey Inventors' Hall of Fame

SMPTE Progress Medal

NAB Television Engineering Award

B&C Technology Leadership Award

CTA Academy of Digital Television Pioneers

SMPTE Signal Processing Medal

SMPTE Fellow

Contributor to 6 Technical Emmy Awards

Launched 6 Startup Companies

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25th Anniversary of the World Premiere of

the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance System

April 10, 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the World Premiere of the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance system at NAB95.  To commemorate the occasion, I'm releasing some "never-before-seen" recordings of the Grand Alliance's first demonstration and press conference, which are on a special page here:

There are also a complete set of photos and many additional items on this page.  Be sure to read the Grand Alliance press release and brochure and see the photos of our demonstrations for the FCC!

For a more complete history of HDTV development and the FCC Advisory Committee process, start here:


Glenn Reitmeier, President

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