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Digutal HDTV Grand Alliance mebers


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HDTV has been an amazing part of my career ... I'm especially thankful to have had the opportunity to work with so many incredibly talented and dedicated colleagues in the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance and at Sarnoff Labs.

1977-08-01 First Day at RCA Labs

1977 - My first day at RCA David Sarnoff Research Center

1982 Early RCA HDTV

1982 Early RCA HDTV project (on a 480p display)

!!Glenn and carlo

1991 Carlo Basile and Glenn Reitmeier AD-HDTV system development (note QAM constellation on scope)

Glenn whiteboard

June 1992 - Driving the whiteboard "bug list" in the final days of AD-HDTV system integration at Sarnoff's Field Lab

ad-hdtv field lab team

June 1992 - Shipping AD-HDTV for testing (with Sarnoff and Philips engineers)

!!93-01 AD-HDTV at NBC1

Jan 1993 - AD-HDTV at NBC, demonstrating the system with digital VCRs

!!93-01 AD-HDTV at NBC2

Jan 1993 - AD-HDTV at NBC - wow! (never imagined that I would join NBC nine years later)

GA Terry Glenn Hi5

March 1995 - With Terry Smith at the completion of Grand Alliance System integration

Hundt demo tour2

March 1995 - Demonstrating Grand Alliance HDTV to FCC Chairman Hundt

1997 HDTV standard

1997 - With our giant 38" HDTV display, shortly after the FCC adoption of the ATSC standard

1999-08 Glenn-topgun

1999 - an early Digital Cinema project based on HDTV - the BIG screen

2013-10 CPXMAG_20131003_162

2013 - With the Grand Alliance Technical Emmy Award

2018-05-24 Glenn at ATSC Conference _342

2018 speaking at "The Road To ATSC 3.0"

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