AD-HDTV Prototype Design (Sarnoff, Thomson, Philips, NBC)

1991 - Advanced Digital HDTV System

1991 - ATRC positions its Advanced Compatible Television (ACTV) system as it proposes Advanced Digital HDTV (AD-HDTV)

Jan 04, 1991 - PR planning for NAB messaging begins (Gray)

Jan 04, 1991 - Advanced Digital Television 1991 project plan presentation (Reitmeier)

Jan 30, 1991 -- NAB preparations begin

Feb 12, 1991  - Digital TV OSI Layers chart

Feb 5, 1991 - ADTV Progress Report  summarizes project accomplishments

"... During the past six months, the concept of digital HDTV has moved from a few small technology development activities to a major development program. Setting the stage for this transition were advances in both data compression and RF transmission that showed the basic feasibility of a digital approach. In RF transmission, two independent efforts (at Sarnoff and Thomson-LER) showed that data rates on the order of 20-30 Mbps could be transmitted in the 6 MHz broadcast channel. In data compression, independent computer simulations (at Sarnoff, Philips-Briarcliff, TCE-LA, TCE-Hannover, and Philips-Paris) showed that both DCT-based and SubBand-based compression approaches could achieve HDTV picture quality within the bit rate of the RF transmission. By August 1990, it became clear that digital was the right way to achieve HDTV..."


 Feb 06, 1991 - Rationale for ADTV white paper explains fundamental system design principles

Feb 27, 1991 - ADTV Pre-Certification System Description is submitted to ACATS

              March18, 1991 -- ADTV project org chart


March 21, 1991 - ADTV system pre-certification presentation to ACATS (known as "hellweek") - Reitmeier

                               March 26, 1991 - Response to questions from ACATS SS-WP1 committee members 


April 1991 - ADTV system presentation at NAB 91 (Reitmeier, Basile) 

                May 10, 1991 - internal design review

                May 20, 1991 Prestation to Erich Geiger (Thomson)


1991 –  full descriptions of the four digital systems are submitted and presented to ACATS for "certification" as being deemed viable and worthy of testing

    Advanced Digital HDTV 

April 1991 - AD-HDTV and ACTV at NAB 91

NAB 91 was the first public demonstration of simulated picture clips from the AD-HDTV system.  Advanced Compatible Television (ACTV) remained the primary focus of the ATRC

May - Sept 1991 - AD-HDTV enters the harware design phase.  It is a massive "moon shot" effort to design a prototype implementation for what was probably the most complex television system that had ever been conceived at the time


     May 10, 1991 - internal design review kickoff (Reitmeier) 

     May 20, 1991 - System Design Progress Report Presentation to Erich Geiger (Thomson) - (Raychauduri)

     June 17, 1991 - Approach for Digital Television on Cable systems (Reitmeier)

      Aug 24, 1991 - Mid-course corrections to AD-HDTV project plan  

     Sept 1991 - Prototype Hardware Racks Configuration  |  Rack Power Requirements  |  System Integration Plan  


AD-HDTV Prototype Hardware Design

1992 AD-HDTV System Integration and Testing

April 1992 - AD-HDTV at NAB 92

NAB 92 unleashed a tremendously competitive set of booths and demosnstrations, as the competing proponent systems

Jan - June 1992 - AD-HDTV System Integration at Sarnoff Field Lab

AD-HDTV at the Advanced Television Test Center